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   Services We Offer

Wood Procurement

Timber Harvesting

Land Management

Cremer Wood, Inc. is a wood supplier delivering a variety of products to pulp mills, sawmills and mulch plants in northeast Florida. Our experience and relationships with these mills allows us to pay top dollar for your wood. We offer a complete “turnkey” operation. We will cruise and evaluate your timberlands and work with you to set up a long-term management plan, beginning with a harvest plan that incorporates your regeneration needs before any timber is harvested. This ensures that Best Management Plan guidelines are followed and Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards are met.

Our field personnel represent over 150 years of combined forestry experience, and we work with landowners daily to meet their land management needs. We can help write management plans that meet state and local requirements and work with landowners to apply for assistance from government agencies.

All our logging crews and field personnel have been trained and meet SFI logger training guidelines. Our loggers’ training and years of experience ensure that they fully sort all products, thereby maximizing income from your timber.

Cremer Wood, inc. has crews that cut pine on the hill and specialized crews with capabilities to cut in wet areas. Some of the equipment in these specialized crews include tracked feller bunchers, shovel machines and rubber-tired dual-wheel clam bunk machines which allow tractors to run on a bridge of wood, minimizing rutting of soil.

Site Preparation

Tree Planting

Fire Suppression

Operating a wide range of site prep equipment, Cremer Wood, Inc. helps regenerate over ten thousand acres of timberland every year. We provide most mechanical site prep services, including bedding, chopping, raking, mowing and fire line establishment. Our D-6 tractors are forestry service radio equipped and available to plow fire lines and fight wildfires. All operators are experienced fire fighters with on-the-job experience.

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Road Construction and Maintenance

Cremer Wood, Inc. has a wide variety of heavy equipment, including graders, track hoes and dump truck service for your road work projects. We can provide dirt and stabilization material for your roads and install new or replacement culverts. We’ll provide assistance in obtaining necessary permits and meeting Best Management Practice guidelines for all road work jobs.

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